Here is a selection of songs / projects which I produced, mixed or mastered.

If you want to work with me hit me up.

Looking forward to hear from you!


Project: Puma Spec-Spot by basc
After a detailed conversation about the aesthetics and ideas with Bastian also known as "basc" I started to do the sounddesign for this spec spot. Thank you for the opportunity. It was alot of fun. Enjoy the Video!

Puma Spec-Spot from Bastian Schulze on Vimeo.

Project: Tellerrand Gastro Spot by basc
For this spot I created the overall sound and aesthetics for the speakers voice. After that I mixed & mastered the audio. Enjoy the Video & have a visited at Tellerrand!

Tellerrand from Bastian Schulze on Vimeo.

Documentation "Afterhour" by Hannah Wolny
This one I really enjoyed. Not only I was given the chance to talk about my craft and philosophy but I was also asked to contribute music for the documentary which in the end was broadcasted at franconian television channel "Franken Fernsehen".

AFTERHOUR - Elektronische Musik in Nürnberg from Medienwerkstatt Franken on Vimeo.

Project: Apanorama
I started working with Apanorama in early 2019. Ever since we regularly meet and work on new ideas. Right now a new album is on the way! I support nora & micha with mixing, arranging and songwriting! If you haven´t checked out their music yet, click on the links below. You won´t regret it!

Project: Computer Abuser
Lovely new label from nuremberg. They trust me with all of their mastering duties. I am pretty sure you will hear more exciting music in the future from this young label!

Project: Mr Raoul K
The cooperation with Raoul started with a gig that got cancelled for him. By this coincidence he got into my studio and we started mixing music for his album!
Check out “African Paradigm” for the whole experience.

Project: Bernossi
Bernossi is one of my early clients. He trusted me to finish his songs together with him. In my studio we arranged, mixed and added some synth sound. Thank you!

Project: Rikky Mandozza
Rikky asked me to master his songs. Which I happily did. We usually first listen to the premasters and then decide if we need to adjust the mix or can start to master immediately.

Project: Max Huang
I met max when we where recording ADR for a film in which he was an actor. The next weeks he booked me to record vocals for two of his songs.
Make sure to check out his music video for “Flawless Victory” below.