Mixing / Data Exchange


• Single mixdown of your track
• Premastered version of your track
• Detailed feedback about what you can do better next time
• Up to 3 revision if necessary
•  Stems for remixes / live sets
• Mixdown to 1⁄4″ master tape – if desired


• Please provide consolidated AIFF/WAV files starting at the same position.
• Provide song tempo information.
• Name all of your tracks before uploading (“Percussion” is better than “Audio-352″…)
• Send a roughmix of your music for reference
• 44.1 kHz sample rate (or the native sample rate of your project)
• Do not normalise the audio files.

• 32 Bit audio files if possible. If 32 bit is not possible 24 bit is also fine. Avoid 16 Bit files!
• Effects can be printed. If you are unsure please provide two sets of stems: One including your FX, and another set with the raw & unprocessed material
• Provide as many notes / reference tracks as you like!
• File transfer via WeTransfer, Dropbox etc.


If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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