My name is Gleb Lasarew. I am a musician, music producer, audio engineer and synthesizer nerd.
I am operating a high-end hybrid studio in Nuremberg, Germany, where I record, produce, mix and master electronic music.

On this website you will find an overview of the services that I offer,
information about my current projects and work and photographs of gear from my studio.

If you want to work with me on your next music project  write me an email at
studio@gleb-lasarew.com or use the contact form.

I am happy to share my knowledge and bring your music to the next level.
Looking forward to hear from you!




New EP by Finn Klein released on  Computer Abuser.
Computer Abuser is a new nuremberg based label that focuses on open and honest electronic music!
I mastered the ep straight to tape. Hope you enjoy!

If you need your music to get mastered click here

I gave an interview and wrote music for the wonderful documentary
“AFTERHOUR – Elektronische Musik in Nürnberg” from 2019 by Hannah Wolny.
In the documentary Hannah and her team visited me in my old studio and joined me on a gig.
The documentary gives a nice insight into the club culture of Nuremberg.

DoP: Nicolas Jansky
Medienwerkstatt Franken

If you want to see more of my work check out my portfolio!